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Maggies Restaurant

310 E. Green St.

Westminster, Maryland 21157

Crabcake Hotline at 410-876-6868

From the first moment you place your order and until they arrive, you will experience the care and professionalism that it takes to ship the finest Maryland Crabcakes to your door, Overnight, Guaranteed. Whether your order is placed online or using our CRABCAKE HOTLINE, our fresh, (uncooked) and NEVER FROZEN SIGNATURE CRABCAKES will be prepared with you in mind, moments before shipping. Your order is received, your crabcakes are freshly prepared, individually wrapped, placed into a sturdy container, then placed into an insulated corrugated shipping box, with frozen gel packs to keep your order cold and fresh until you receive them. We take extra care to ensure the quality of our product, by using a packaging that will maintain a consistent temperature to insure freshness. We then ship your crab cakes to your door, Overnight, Guaranteed. Cooking instructions are included with your crabcakes so you can impress your family or friends with the best tasting ALL LUMP MARYLAND CRABCAKES that Maggie’s has become noted for over the years. NOTE: Gift Cards will not be shipped overnight